1. Aprenda

    Duplex – Unity 3d WebPlayer Template

    Introducing, Duplex, an easy-to-use WebPlayer Template for Unity 3d. Let’s face it – the 2 WebPlayer Templates that Unity provides are pretty boring. Whether you’re launching an online game, showcasing a demo, or just showing off a work in progress, your game should be well framed. Also, anytime you’re presenting...
  2. Aprenda

    Why I Chose Unity 3d

    With any development, it’s important to pick the right tool for the job. I tend to roll my eyes whenever developers try to convince me that one program or coding language is inherently better than another. Every one has its pros and cons and you need to understand them to...
  3. Aprenda

    Meet the Math Monsters Cast

    Come meet all the fun number characters that star in Math Monsters! I love them all equally as if they were children, but I must admit, I have a special bond with #1… Also, 0 scares me.