Failure Of Rock Button Bits And Its Treatment

Failure Of Rock Button Bits And Its Treatment

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 1. Broken wing head;

  2. The new replacement head is larger than the original diameter;

  3. Machine displacement or deflection of the drilling tool in the hole during rock drilling;

  4. Dust in areas where mudstones are encountered is not easy to discharge;

  5. When rock drilling, stones is dropped from walls or openings or large cracks and karst caves are encountered

  6. The operation is negligent. When the drilling is stopped for a long time, the rock powder is not blown clean, and the drilling tool is not lifted so that the rock button bits are buried by the rock powder;

  A seamless tube with a diameter similar to the hole diameter can be used. The tube is filled with butter, asphalt, etc., connected to the drill pipe into the bottom of the hole, the broken wing at the bottom of the hole is taken out, and the rock dust at the bottom of the hole is blown off before salvage. It is more serious to use external torque or auxiliary tools to help lift and rotate the drilling tool, and then lift the drilling tool while supplying gas until the fault is resolved.

  The temperature difference between the bearing and the bearing seat installation position depends on the level of interference fit and the bearing size. In the case of deformity, the bearing temperature is higher than the shaft temperature of 80 to 90 ℃ is sufficient for installation. However, the heating temperature of the bearing must not be allowed to exceed 125°C, because at this time the bearing material will undergo a metallographic transformation, and the diameter or hardness will change. Must avoid local overheating, especially can’t use an open flame to heat the bearing. Wear clean protective gloves when installing heated bearings. The use of lifting (lifting) machinery facilitates installation. Push the bearing to the installation position along the shaft to keep the bearing immobile and push until it fits firmly.

  rock button bits maintenance

  1. Because the joints and joints of the rock drilling button bit are right-handed threads, the rock drilling button bit should always be rotated to the right during the drilling process.

  2. When opening the hole, the minimum impact and propulsion force should be used to make the drill bit enter the rock layer smoothly.

  3. It is very important to match the propulsion force and the weight of the drilling tool. The thrust of the thruster must change with the weight of the drilling tool.

  4. The rotation speed of the rock drill bit is usually 15-25rpm. The faster the rotation speed, the faster the drilling speed, but in hard rock, the rotation speed should be reduced to ensure that the drill bit is not excessively worn.

  5. Because blockages and cavities may cause stuck drills, rock button bits should be used to blow strongly and the bottom of the hole should be cleaned regularly.

  6. The reasonable lubrication of the rock button bits can never be ignored, otherwise, it will accelerate the wear of the rock button bits or even cause damage.

  7. During the connection process, ballast and various impurities will fall into the rock drill bit. Therefore, the threaded end of the loosened drill rod must be covered to ensure that the drill rod does not stick to the ballast and dust.

  Need to check the machine every time after work, deal with the problem as soon as possible.

September 16, 2021 at 7:45 am
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